>Tampon anyone?

>I was having a weird conversation about tampons tonight and remembered something that happened when I was living in Washington…

My cousin Andrew came to visit me and my husband for a week, and being the weirdo 12 year old horn dog that he was, he was always doing things to shock us. Like, for example, using our entire box of condoms as balloons. The worst by far was what I will refer to as “the tampon incident”.

He decided to be *funny* and go through my cabinets in the bathroom looking for things to use in another one of his prop comedy acts. Pretty soon he emerged with a tampon… uh, take a wild guess what he did with it.

Back in those days we were poor, so the liquid portion of our diets consisted mainly of kool aid. Lucky for us we had a pitcher or tropical punch flavored kool aid in the fridge that night. Bright ass red. Andrew thought it would be funny to eject the tampon from it’s applicator, dip it in his cup of kool aid, and SUCK THE KOOL AID OFF OF THE TAMPON.

At that moment I had a wave of disgust overtake me, but it was accompanied with a weird twinge of disappointment because I didn’t have my camera handy. Damn, that would have been awesome blackmail…


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