>The name generator name generator

>Hilary found this awesome site that has a bajillion name generators on it, so of course I am going to post some of my super cool name generator names.

Rich White Republican Name: Katherine “Eatin’ Eleanor” Robinson
Mormon Name: Tabrina Aeranee
“Totally gay nickname Carl would give me” name: Dog-castratin’ King of Kickass
Biggest mistake I’ll ever make in sex name: You forgot to remove that insanely large dildo you were using earlier
Celebrity I would fuck if I were gay Name: Britney Spears (Take that Hilary!)
70’s pimp name: Pimpotronic Brotherman
Modern day pimp name: Rollin Pimpydaddy
Sith name: Darth Archibald
Rejected Disney character name: Marijuana Obliterator of Villages
What my name would be if my parents could name me right name: TITania Antigone Marilyn Mariad Loquatia Tie-Quon-Do

OMG I could go on and on…


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