>Uh yeah, I’m a tard.

>I decided to make an Amazon wishlist. I do a SS thing with some of my military wife friends, and thought that it would be easier on them if they could just pick something from an already meticulousy constructed wishlist instead of try to think of something themselves. Ya know, save them the wondering, order it right from a list of things I already know I want, yadda yadda.

Yeah, not so easy. I swear I can not think of a SINGLE CD that I would like to own. That isn’t normal right? I would like to think that I am this hip, punk, alternative, edgy girl, but I can’t think of a single CD that I would actually want to own.

Of course that could be due to the fact that I illegally download music, so when I hear a song I get it for free without having to buy a whole CD full of worthless shit just to get the one song that I happen to like that week.

So I copied Hilary and asked my friends what their first impression of me is because, in Hilary’s words:

First impressions are even cooler because it’s not like you will ever have a first impression of yourself or anything. Because you have always known YOU… Right?

This is what I got…

Hmm, you responded to one of my first posts on the health boards.
You kind of freaked me out because you explained things better than my Dr. lol
I already told you that you scared me in the debate forum

I viewed you as being like the “MUFASA” (Lion King) of SO. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I just thought you were the cool chick on the board that EVERYONE loved.

I thought you were a tightass conservative asshole, but I grew to love you!

My first thought was “Who the hell does the witch she thinks she is…. coming in here and throwing around her admin status!” LOL But now i love ya!

My first impression was that you were a big huge copier.

I liked you a lot! I remember Gretta used to talk about you all the time, so I was really excited to meet you. After all Trina, you are super cool.

I’d say kinda gothic, dark, opinionated, intelligent…

I refuse to incriminate myself… though I will say that it was all good. (From my husband… Haha)

I loved you from the beginning. Super-friendly, super-open.

I had no idea I left such a bad first impression on people sometimes. Of course Hilary was just mad cuz I banned her from the first group we belonged to together. And Melissa first met me in my “I am just barely starting to get interested in politics and everyone I know is a Republican” stage. And Dani first met me when I was promoted on SO and had no idea that Hilary and I were friends. Now none of them can live without me and my uber wicked awesomeness.

Err… something.

Quote of the day…

If I had a fondue pot I would be a fire hazard. ~Hilary


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