>Freaking out a little.

>I am starting to freak out a little about this moving stuff. Not because I don’t wnat to move, because I know that it will be better for everyone. It’s just that we aren’t exactly rolling in money right now with Adam being in school, and with his school being such tards about getting his GI Bill in on time it’s making me nervous. I have no idea how we are going to afford to pay first and last month’s rent and a deposit, if we are going to find an apartment that will allow pets in a non-scary ass neighborhood, and how much of a pain in the ass it’s going to be to babysit for Gretta and be at her house early in the morning when we don’t live together.

UGH. I don’t even want to think about it…


2 thoughts on “>Freaking out a little.

  1. >She thinks that it will be too early to wake them up and bring them to me in the morning. I am just going to have to convince her to come and pick me up every morning I guess! It’s a small price to pay to get a kick ass deal on child care, don’t you think? It’s not like she would have to go very far. Logan isn’t very big!

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