>Don’t you just love it…

>Isn’t it just the BEST when someone accuses you of something you didn’t do, and not only do they overestimate your intelligence by making you this super duper evil genius, they also advertise you as doing a shitty job at it? Yeah, so I get accused of being a hacker. Something I have NO IDEA how to do. Then I get accused of being a hacker and just getting her website *suspended* (which isn’t even possible to do from where she claims I hacked). Dude, if I was going to hack a site, I would delete the bitch! Suspension nothing… it’s all about doing as much damage as possible. But apparently I am a retarded evil genius or something.

Anyway, the girl who accused me of hacking did a public apology thing since she knows she was wrong to accuse me like that. Big of her although it was half hearted and still shady. Whatever. I am done with her and her drama, have been for months now actually, so no more blog space will be wasted on her.

On to bigger and better things.

Roxy is a little poop machine. I know not interesting, but this is what my life consists of. I let her in last night because I didn’t want her outside at night, you know trying to be a good pet owner and all, so she decides to reward me for my thoughtfulness by taking a gigantic runny shit in my closet. Lovely. So at 4 am I had to clean up cat diarrhea.

I love my life.


2 thoughts on “>Don’t you just love it…

  1. >Thats Joylicious! What a joyful experience. She’s such a fucking spaz case..no wonder her marriage is over, her kids are out of control, and she can’t even maintain basic friendships.

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