>Moving on up…

>Well, Gretta and I decided that we are just plain sick of living together. Not because we don’t love each other, because we totally do, but because we know that we just need our own space and most people just can’t live together for three years and meld their families like we have without hating each other once it’s all over. We want to keep the friendship we have now, and we want to have our own space. She wants time with just her and the kids without another “mother” around, and I want to be able to give the kids back to her and go home without my home being where the kids are. Now I will finally get some non-kid time, and she will finally get some family time with just her kids.

So, today we went to Logan to look at apartments and the second place we looked at was perfect. One bedroom, heat and high speed internet included, located about 4 blocks from where Adam works, allows pets, and it’s a basement apartment so it’s nice and cool during the summer. All for $430 a month. Now we have to come up with $430 for the deposit and the first 4 months or so we will be paying extra on top of rent for the pet deposit. The only thing I don’t really like is that the outside of the house looks ghetto fabulous, but it’s in a nice neighborhood and it’s not like I am buying the place, so I’ll get over it.

The best part though… and you will probably think I am crazy here… but the best part is that Gretta is renting one of the apartments right above us. Now, I know, we are moving to get away from each other but still moving right next to each other. Hahaha. Well, the thing is, I still want to be able to babysit for her because then I won’t have to look for a job, she doesn’t have to search for a babysitter that she trusts, and she can save some money on childcare. So, it works out perfectly for both of us. I can still watch the kids for her, but go home at the end of the day and have some kid-free time.

Pure genius. Now we just have to come up with the deposit.

Oh, and a side note, Koko has eye goobers and the bottom of her eyes look a little puffy. I really hope she doesn’t have some kind of infection that she needs to go to the vet for because I can’t afford that and have no idea what we will do. I am just going to have to watch it and hope she doesn’t give it to the other cats. Hopefully she just got into something and it irritated her eyes and she will get over it, like an allergy.


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