>Sorry Hil, I can’t talk to you anymore

>I talk to Hil ENTIRELY too much. I had my second dream in about a week that revolved around her last night. I think that’s a sign that we talk entirely too often. Haha. Before, I had a dream that she was murdered, drowned, and came back to talk to me after she died. This time I had a dream that I went skydiving with her and her husband. The skydiving place was run by Haagen-Dazs, too! Uh, if I was skydiving for the first time I wouldn’t be going to the place run by the ice cream people. I have no idea if we actually jumped and lived through it because my dream ended when we decided to do tandem jumping after her husband kept pressuring us to just do it.

Uh yeah, weird. So, I can’t talk to Hilary anymore. Our nightly phonecall smoke sessions are getting to my subconscious. Not only do I talk to her everyday, but I am starting to dream about her every night. She gets to have her cushy Star Wars and Britney dreams, and I am stuck with her drowning and her husband screaming at me to sky dive from a big ice cream plane or something. Looks like you are just gonna have to quit smoking. 😛


One thought on “>Sorry Hil, I can’t talk to you anymore

  1. >uh. Dude, its not MY fault you dream about me! What if I quit talking to you and you still had dreams about me? That would help no one. I refuse.Quit dreaming dude.

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