>The dreaded move.

>Can I just say how much I HATE MOVING? We have about two and a half weeks, just BARELY started packing today, and I already hate it. Thankfully MOST of the stuff that belongs to me & Adam is still packed away from our LAST move, but you just don’t realize how much stuff you accumulate until you have to actually put it all in boxes. These next three weeks are going to be hell, especially since it’s as hot as hell here and we have no AC. AHHHHHHHH.

So, I think I have finally perfected my Jedi mind tricks and all of a sudden Hilary is Star Wars enthralled, after years of subtle hints and innuendos. She has finally fallen to the dark side of obsession. Unfortunately, she is a little more like Adam in that aspect. As much as I *thought* I knew about Star Wars, she is blowing me out of the water with all of her analystical questions. So, I say to her what I say to all weirdo film fanatics… IT’S JUST A MOVIE. IT’S NOT REAL. Hahaha. We did have a lot of fun editing pictures of her to include a light saber last night though. LoL. She can be Hilafet. Or Hiloda. Or Hilawon Kenobe. Or Hilamadala. Or the ultimate supreme geek of the universe.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And I need to add… I am really looking forward to having my own place. Now that the matter of a deposit is all taken care of, I can allow myself to think about how nice it will be to actually have my own HOME and not just my own room. I keep thinking about sitting on the couch, watching TV, sipping some tea, and not having to worry about if I remembered to put sunscreen on the kids or if I made the house adequately clean for when Gretta gets home from work. Most of the week Adam is gone all but 4 hours a day when he is sleeping, so it will be like living all on my own. I feel like a teenager about to move out on their own for the first time. I will finally have NO ONE TO ANSWER TO and get to play house and be a real live grown up!

I am such a goob.


3 thoughts on “>The dreaded move.

  1. >That’s EXACTLY what Hil’s mom said. Hahahaha. I guess this may be one of those rare times when the phrase “Your mom” actually applies huh?

  2. >Why is Hilary holding a giant plastic dildo on the front page of your blog? Damn…kids could stumble onto this shit. Have you no shame? ~Nocturna~I’m gonna pretend I don’t know you pervs.

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