>$40 Friends

>I really hate money hungry people. I know someone that recently burned a bridge with a supposed friend over $40. I had no idea that a good friend was only worth $40. You would think that friends would do things for each other because they were FRIENDS. Babysitting each others kids when no one else is available and daycare is too expensive falls within the realm of friendship in my book. Over charging to watch someone’s kids for 2 hours does not. I think that $20 for babysitting 2 kids for a whole 2 hours is a bit outrageous, but what do I know? Of course, I am still friends with all of the people I claimed to be friends with. I don’t demand money for something I didn’t do, and then call them up and start screaming cuss words and insults, and insulting their parenting skills. I don’t resort to threats and childish tactics like calling their hubands work and trying to get them into trouble with their commanding officer just because my husband is a higher rank. I don’t show up at a group activity full of common friends and talk shit about my friends behind their backs trying to get support when I know I am wrong. I don’t talk shit to my friends husbands and then refuse to answer the phone when my friend calls herself to talk about it. I don’t have my other friends post coded messages on a public message board trying to make anyone else look bad. Then again, I am not the one being a complete ass and making a total fool of myself either….

I think this supposed “friend” deserves a kick in the head with that spike toed boot that I just got done shoving up the military haters ass.


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