>50 Mental Disorders in One Fucked Up Package.

>Would you ever let a 4 year old tell you to shut up? Or walk away and completely ignore you when you are scolding them? Yeah, me either. I wouldn’t let my husband talk to me that way, so why would I let a child?

Well, I know a woman who does that. She thinks that by ignoring her son when he talks to her that way, she is teaching him that he doesn’t get what he wants unless he is polite. Nevermind the fact that she has never taught him the words please and thank you. Instead, she is teaching him to ignore HER when she disciplines him. She is also teaching him that it’s okay to talk to everyone else that way. That kid is going to end up being smacked upside the head by a complete stranger one day, and if it progresses further as he gets older he will be just another homocide on the evening news.

I don’t know why I am surprised by this woman. She is one of those eternal victims. She actually WANTS bad things to happen to her so she can use them to try and convince people that she is strong. As if life is one big competition to see who has endured the most. I’m sorry, but when you bring it on yourself, it doesn’t make you strong. It makes you PATHETIC. Letting your child treat you like a piece of shit on the street doesn’t mean you are letting him develop into the person he is supposed to be. It means you are setting him up for failure as a human being so that you have more to “woe is me” about.

And one more bit of insight. When someone has been through what you are going through and gives you adivce, they aren’t automatically being hypocritical and condescending. Maybe they are *gasp* trying to HELP! Maybe they actually WANT to see you succeed and be happy. As fun as it is to think that every person on earth is just trying to make you feel like shit and convince you they are perfect, that’s usually not the case. Especially with your own family. Just because you don’t love yourself doesn’t mean that no one else loves you. Get over yourself already.


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