>Cradle Robbers

>This was posted on a group I am a member of.

“hi i am 23 when i was 18 i fell in love with someone 3 years unger then i

was both of r parrince had problems we me and her being togather. it was

because of her age and ming but we still saw each othere any way with out

knowing your age and his my addvice is as long and u dont get yourself

pregnet the u shoud be fine cing him and as long as it is not to much of an

age diffence meing if u do got that distice with the relationship if u r

under 14 and he is near 18 he can be arested for being with u i know i was

studing to be a cop the law is 14 and under is off limmits to 17 and above

and 18 is leggale adult. i hope that helps u but dont run that just makes

people worry and could get him in truble even if it was your plan and not


Where do I begin? Besides the obvious lack of any formal education as displayed by the horrendous grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

First let me tell you, this was in a “gothic” group. I understand that being “goth” means breaking the rules, being an individual, going against all social norms… blah, blah. I get it, I really do. But encouraging an underage girl to disobey her parents because your teenybopper girlfriend did it when you were robbing the cradle at 18 years old? Yeah, great advice. And from someone who is studying to be a cop? If that’s what we have to look forward to from the future law enforcement professionals of this country, I should just move to Canada now.

Not to sound like some crazed, ultra-christian, right wing, religious right republican, but what the hell happened to family in this country? I don’t deny that there are some people who abuse their kids. I don’t deny that there are some parents who are just plain fucked up in the head and want to see their children fail. As sad as that is, it’s NOT the norm. Most parents have something called HUMAN NATURE, and that tells them to raise their children to be successful and productive adults, and to be more than they turned out to be themselves. Of course if you ask just about any teenager if their parents want what’s best for them when they ground them after running away with a crack addict from the projects, having sex with random people, or driving the getaway car in their group of friends latest Quik-E-Mart robbery, they will undoubtedly say that they are so “misunderstood” and their parents don’t give a damn about them.

So of course, this idiot telling any and every teenager that comes across that message to just do what you want, screw what your parents think, just don’t run away or get pregnant, really angers me. I can tell it worked SO WELL for him, can’t you?

So here is my advice for all of the teenagers of the world who think they have life, love, and how the world works all figured out.

YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT. I wasn’t a teenager that long ago, and I can guarantee you that I dealt with more bullshit by your age than you have. Unless your parents are beating you with coat hangers or selling you on the corner for a dime bag of crack, you can’t complain about how they don’t understand you or don’t care about you. Stop whining like a little bitch and completely disregardling the fact that they were teenagers before you, are older than you, and know more than you do. Life experience is everything. At 14 years old, you have none. That’s the way it is, deal with it. Choosing some random crush that I can guarantee you don’t REALLY love no matter how infatuated you are, and you won’t know 10 years from now, over your family, is just about the most retarded choice you could make. They don’t give a damn about you, haven’t invested anything into your well being, and would leave you in a second if a hotter piece of ass came along. Stop watching teen angst movies. Life isn’t really like that, people don’t really need to be saved from their families, and you aren’t a god damn savior.


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