>Environmental Hysteria

>Hysteria. What is the benefit of being hysterical about something? Let’s take… global warming for example. How does it benefit our society to be hysterical about it? Does it save the environment? No, not really. It causes programs like recycling to be implimented that actually cost more, use more resources, and put more pollution into the air. Does it make you feel good? Not really. Being so freaked out about the earth dying that your entire life revolves around useless and harmful gestures like recycling isn’t a fun way to live. Does it educate people? No, not really. Most of the environmental extremists know almost nothing about the environment itself. Try asking one of them what Dihydrogen Monoxide is.

So what’s the point of environmental hysteria? Well, I have a theory…

Remember back in the early 90’s when that trash barge was floating aimlessly along the atlantic coastline looking for a place to dump it’s trash? The entire country took notice and all of a sudden we were running out of places to put our trash and the world was going to end. The DEA put out a pamphlet about the dangers of not recycling and with all of this information about how the number of landfills in this country was going down so our trash was going to consume us (when actually the number of landfills was going down, but the area of the landfills was going up so we were actually gaining MORE landfill space). What the media (a.k.a. political propoganda machine) failed to mention is that the trash barge we all saw floating down the coastline looking for a place to dump the trash wasn’t doing that because New York had run out of space. The company that the trash belonged to was trying to save some money by paying someone in Louisiana to take their trash, and mid-trip the deal fell through and in an attempt to avoid paying to bring it all the way back to New York, they were trying to dump it in every state on the way back up. The trash ended up back in New York, but not before freaking out the entire country and causing $8 billion a year of our taxes to be spent on a recycling program that adds more than it fixes. And who do you think that is benefitting? You guessed it. POLITICIANS. Politicians use extreme environmentalism as a platform to get re-elected and further line their pockets with special interest campaign financing by making the American public feel guilty about “destroying the environment”. Who is going to argue with that? You will just look like an insensitive, money hungry, industrial happy asshole if you argue with them.

So now we have an environmental movement that doesn’t use facts to back it up. Instead it uses the guilt factor. So, let me clear up a few things for you.

First of all, we are not running out of space to put our trash. If you were to dig a 35 mile by 35 mile hole 200 feet deep, you could store 10,000 years worth of trash there. That is a very small area of the United States. We could use that SAME HOLE forever because the trash eventually biodegrades and clear space for more trash.

Recycling wastes time, energy, and pollutes more than it prevents. The ONLY recycling that actually helps more than it hurts is aluminum, because it costs less overall to recycle an aluminum can than it does to make a new one. EVERY OTHER RECYCLABLE causes more harm than good. Between paying people to sort, transporting sorted materials which uses gas and pollutes the air, and running the machinery that uses harmful chemicals to actually recycle the material which puts even more pollutants into the air while wasting energy and money, recycling is hurting us.

It costs $150 a ton to recycle. It costs $50 a ton to just throw it away and let it biodegrade which puts beneficial nutrients back into our soil. Not to mention the negative effects that recycling have on the environment that I mentioned above.

Remember the evil methane that landfills produce that are going to kill humanity? Well, that methane is collected and turned into energy. In one year at one landfill in California, enough methane is harnessed and converted to energy to power 60,000 homes for 30 years. Evil, evil methane, eh?

Oh, and let’s not forget how logging companies are clear cutting forests and destroying our planet. There are 3 times MORE trees now than there were in the 20’s. Evil, evil logging companies, eh?

Global warming is real, but you aren’t controlling it. Imagine that! The earth doesn’t need piddly little humans to destroy it. It’s much more powerful than we are! That 5% increase in the temperature over the last 100 years that is so alarming to some came about AFTER environmental extremists started measuring temperatures from the ground in places like Las Vegas where concrete causes heat to reflect off of it. The temperatures measured from satellites (actually the only ACCURATE way to measure because it takes everything into account, not just one small area) have increased half a degree at night, and NOTHING during the day over the last 20 years.

Tempuratures are actually LOWER now than they were in medieval times before all of the evil industrialization that is supposedly causing our environmetal crisis. Now THAT’S interesting…

Total human contribution to green house gasses are less than 1/100th of a percent. 95% of green house gasses are caused by… drumroll please… NATURAL WATER VAPOR!

There’s a few little tid bits for you to ponder over…

Now for the real reason I started talking about this. If you take on environmentalism as your cause, great. We can all do well to conserve our natural resources and be aware of ways to replenish what we use. But, PLEASE know what you are talking about. Don’t tout holier than thou environmental bullshit and have absolutely no facts to back up the hysteria you are vomiting to people. And before someone asks me for my proof… here ya go.
Enough information to make your head explode. A show to enlighten you. Environmental Protection Agency LMOP Program. LMOP case studies. Status and trends in America’s forest lands.


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