>What is wrong with people, namely women, that they have no spine and have to talk behind people’s backs. I have this horrendous bitch telling everyone that we know that I am a horrible person because I banned her from an online community. First of all, the stupid ass woman left the group and insulted every member on the way out. Second of all, she rejoined under another name and tried to lurk and read if we were talking about her. Third of all, IT’S ONLINE! GET OVER IT! Then the psychopath decides to go to another group and post an insulting mesage to me as if it is going to hurt my feelings. I bet she wasn’t expecting the response she got. She is one lucky whore that I didn’t hear her say that shit in person. I would have broken her nose and laughed in her face.

In fact, I think I will link her to this and see if she wants to meet for “lunch”.


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