>Religion… it’s not just for the religious anymore.

>People make me want to vomit. Literally hurl everything I ate out of my mouth onto their ugly shoes and splatter all over the bottoms of their hideous pants. Some people even have me aiming for the face.

When you choose a religion, it is supposed to be because you BELIEVE IT. Am I wrong? Isn’t that what religion is all about? Someone please strike me down with a bolt of lightning if I am somehow wrong about this. It is not a popularity contest, or a way to make your mate happy. It is a personal decision concerning every aspect of your life and it’s meaning.

Then again, maybe you are supposed to change it everytime you meet someone and want to make them happy. Maybe it is one of those things, like you shoes, that you change everyday so that everyone else will think you are cool. So that you “match”.

If that’s the case, I have been going about this all wrong. Shame on me. I forgot that I am a mindless sheep.


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