>Sibling Stupidity = Love?

>Someone please explain this to me….

When you date someone, and you break up, that automatically makes them off limits for anyone else in your family right? Say you are a guy, and your brother dates this really hot girl. They break up. If you tried to move in on her, your brother would beat your ass, right? Same with a girl and her sister, right? If those rules apply to siblings of the same sex, should they not apply to siblings of opposite sexes?

The thought of sleeping with someone that one of my siblings slept with is just WRONG. Sit back and think about it for a minute…. That persons body parts were very intimate with your siblings body parts. Exchanging body fluids…. sperm, saliva, etc, etc. Why anyone would want to get involved with someone that has boinked someone else in your very own family is WAY beyond me.

Imagine this.

A guy dates a girl and they have a very nasty break up. They manage to come out of it friends, but the break up was very hard on the guy.

Now imagine you are that guys sister. Imagine you knew that his girlfriend was cheating on him, and that she was going to break up with him before he went out to visit her. Would you tell him, or would you let him fly out there to see her anyway, knowing that she was going to break his heart?

Well, let’s go with the worst case scenario. You let your little brother go out there and get his heart broken by this girl. You saw him come back completely broken and devistated. Would you tell his now ex-girlfriend off for hurting your brother? For putting you in the middle of it? Or would you let her off the hook and continue being friend with her like nothing happened?

Again, choose the worst case scenario and continue being friends with this girl. In fact, become better friends with her than you were before.

Now, let’s add a little twist. Let’s say you are bisexual. If your little brothers ex-girlfriend, who you KNEW cheated on your little brother, came on to you, what would you do? Would you tell her off? Would you politely tell her that you couldn’t flirt with someone that had been involved with your brother? Would you just stop talking to her? Or, would you flirt back? Would you maybe plan to meet her, have cyber sex with her, and even start an inappropriate relationship with her?

Based on this story so far, and the opening paragraph, I bet you can guess what you are supposed to choose.

This little choose your own ending story is the actual story of someone I know.

Needless to say, I want to beat his sister with a piece of barbed wire.


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