>Whine Bitch Moan Complain

>It’s been a while I know, but I have a shitload of things to complain about so brace yourselves.

First of all, if you don’t live in America, do not *assume* you know more about American politics than an American. 18 year old retarded German girls do not, and will not EVER, know more about politics in my country than I do. I don’t doubt that there are 18 year olds, and there are Germans, in this world that know more about politics, and American politics, than I do. But the particular one that signed the guestbook on my other diary does not. If she tells me one more time who to vote for and why, I will have to punch her in the grill, dawg. If she tells me one more time that her opinion of who should be my president matters as much as my opinion, I will have to bust a cap in her ass, G. Seriously, your country isn’t all that spectacular itself, so worry about politics in your own country before another Hitler springs up because you were too busy paying attention to America. Saddest part is, she is such a pathetic follower, she would be the first one yelling “Hail Hitler” and making retarded hand gestures in a sea of brainwashed Germans if that ever DID happen.

The other bug I have up my ass at the moment is people who play the victim all the time. Especially those who judge people in their own family for NOT being whiney assholes. One thing I think everyone would do well to realize is that elderly people, like grandparents, have been independant adult people for longer than you have been ALIVE. They are set in their ways for GOOD REASON, and after being independant and self sufficient for half a century, they aren’t going to give that up just because you say they should. Would you give up your religion, your home, or your pride just because someone else said you should? Yeah, didn’t think so jackass. Stop being so damn judgemental and acting like the grandparents that gave your parents life and who helped RAISE YOU are some HUGE burden.

Oh, and just so you know, when someone is severely brain damaged in a car accident when they are 12, they will act like a 12 year old FOREVER. 12 year old boys are hormonal, horny, confused, and perverted. There is no exception to that rule, and if someone is developmentally stalled in that stage by a serious accident, it is just downright FUCKED UP of you to talk about them as if they are a child molester or rapist. You try living your whole life stuck in a body that doesn’t work correctly, a mind that won’t develop any further, being perfectly aware that you are handicapped and can’t do a damn thing about it, living with memories of being normal, and knowing that you will NEVER EVER have sex like EVERY OTHER NORMAL PERSON ON EARTH. Stop being SO FUCKING JUDGEMENTAL. You have no room to talk about how a handicapped man’s parents baby him too much therefore making him unable to take care of himself, when YOU CAN’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.


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