>My first pedicure

>You always hear about how manicures and pedicures are such luxuries, how they are so relaxing, how it is considered pampering yourself… I got my first pedicure on Friday and couldn’t disagree more.

Are you still supposed to have sore toes two days later? My big toe on my right foot freakin KILLS. It is sore and swollen and pink. UGH. It’s a good thing that I wear sandals all the time because I couldn’t put on a closed toe shoe right now if I tried.

And are they supposed to make you feel like shit when they are “pampering” you? I’m not sure what code of conduct applies inside the nail parlor… maybe there is some kind of magical anti-manners field generator that you walk through when you walk into a nail parlor that takes you to another world with all different rules of common courtesy. If there is I sure didn’t notice it as I was being sucked into insult land.

Where I’m from, it isn’t okay to hold up the dead skin from someone’s foot for everyone in a place a business to see… TWICE.

Where I’m from it’s not okay to look up at someone while you are giving them a pedicure and ask them, as loudly as you can I might add, if they want an eyebrow wax with a disgusted “Your name must be Yetti you so hairy” look on their face.

Where I’m from, you actually charge people what your sign says you will charge, or you tell them that it will be more BEFORE you start working.

Apparently they were from a different world. The force is strong in that nail parlor, and it is clouded with the dark side.


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