>Where does inspiration come from? How do you know, when you look at something, that it will be a great work of art if you can just capture it in a way that people will feel when they look at it? Can you train your mind to think outside the box? Or does seeing beauty in every day things, and being able to show that beauty to other people the same way you see it, something you have to be born with? Is inspiration ingrained or learned?

I am having the hardest time coming up with ideas and my portfolio is sorely lacking because of it. I want to create photographs that show the beauty of life, the wonder in normality. Photos that show that even when your life is mundane and simple, it’s extraordinary. Of course I can wax poetic all day, but that doesn’t mean that anything I take a photo of will be anything but ordinary. I have felt a bit inspired recently, but it seems like portraying what my mind sees in a print is next to impossible. I am starting to see a pattern with the things I shoot, and I don’t know if it is a pattern that I want to be defined as my “style”. I wish I could create raw, dirty, edgy images.

At this point I wish I could CREATE anything. I am afraid that my ability to perceive and invent will never evolve past where it is right now.


3 thoughts on “>Inspiration

  1. >Dude, whatever. Take pictures of MONEY. It’s emotional. It creates a response. People get a ba-jiggety about it.Money. It’s the new flower. Money….

  2. >What are you talking about? You create edgy, dirty, raw images all the time. I see it in you, and you never had to tell me that you even liked those sort of photos…I just knew. You will be inspired to see outside of your “pattern” as soon as you can move outside of your box. And whether or not you know it yet, you have already created a “style” for yourself. Your style can be described as unsuspecting, innocent, real, untamed, vulnerable, and eye catching beautiful photography. You always seem to capture the purest moment when no one else is looking. I know if we can get you “out there” you will be famous!!!

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