>My life is about to change…

>My life is about to change… Besides the obvious changes like bigger belly, being sick, and nesting like crazy, poop will rule my world. I will all of a sudden be responsible for something that depends on me for it’s survival. My schedule is going to change, my budget stretched thin, and my patience is going to be put to the test.

My slut of a cat got herself knocked up.

This is the worst possible timing. We are moving this week so I hope she can hold out until after we move, but she is already getting fat and lazy, her nipples are sticking out really far, and she doesn’t want to venture outside anymore like she used to. The moment I decide that I don’t want to try to get pregnant anymore because I don’t want to deal with pregnancy or little needy poop machines for a while I am blessed with a pregnant cat. At least the new apartment is all tile.

The only thing I worry about is Tessa. She doesn’t do well with other cats. We have had Koko for about 6 months and they have never gotten along. We have had Roxy for about two months and Tessa harasses her every chance she gets. I have a feeling Tessa may try to attack kittens. If that happens Gretta is going to have to take Tessa and we will take Roxy until we give all of the kittens away.

Hopefully Tessa will behave.


2 thoughts on “>My life is about to change…

  1. >rofl you crack me up lol.. just put up a sign in your neighborhood (old and new) that states “FREE KITTENS” and you might get a rush of people… who can seriously resist the word “FREE”?

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