>Damn it’s been a while.

>Yeah, I can’t believe it, but I actually have had a LIFE for the past few weeks and haven’t had time to get on here and update. Something I NEVER thought would happen.

So uh, what to say… I have a pregnant cat. I’m sure I mentioned it before. She is like HUGELY pregnant now, and I think she has a good 5 or 6 kittens stuffed up in there, and I think the kittens are doing the hokey pokey on her innards cuz she can’t go a day without leaking cat shit all over the place. It has actually been better today, but yesterday she tried to squeeze her fat ass under the couch and in the process of partially flattening her belly in an attempt to slide under she must have put too much pressure on her bowels. *SPLAT* All over my floor and RIGHT under my feet when I got off the couch to find the remote. SWEET. I wonder if that’s some kind of beauty treatment in third world countries.

I also have a thriving business. Yeah, right. I did sell two more pictures and I have an order for four more. That will bring me up to a whopping SEVEN PICTURES SOLD. I rock. I wish people would pay $100 a pop so I could make more money and actually pay my car payment this month. I won’t get into why I currently CAN’T pay my car payment.

And can I just say, I LOVE me some MySpace. I have now found 7 friends from high school and it’s awesome catching up with them. Finally heard from Mike, my absolute FAVORITE guy in my circle of friends in school. He is doing well, apparently bought himself a big old house in AZ, and he is in love. Idn’t that sweet.

Otherwise life is full of babysitting, walking kids to school, internet, and cleaning up after cats. Fun, fun. Saturday will be the highlight of my month though. I get to drive to Boise and meet my friend Julie. I am SO incredibly stoked, and will of course take pictures and post some on here eventually.


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