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Peek a Boo, originally uploaded by paperdollimages.

It’s been a while, I think. I can’t remember really. Gretta bounced a check to me, the only check she has written me for babysitting. Nice. Now my phone is shut off cuz her returned check sucked up the money I was going to pay the bill with. So, I am going to babysit until she gets her tax return. She has two choices, pay me, and although I quit babysitting we can still be friends, or don’t pay me, and not only lose a babysitter but the only real friend she has. I hope she makes the right decision.

I have been feeling drained and dry when it comes to my photography. I want to take these amazing pictures, and I see other people’s amazing pictures all the time, but it feels like maybe I don’t have it in me. Like I am just faking being a photographer. Maybe it’s the struggle of every “artist”, you never feel good enough. Not that I am an artist by any stretch of the imagination. Just another thing I am faking.


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