>Giving thanks

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I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving. Mine was pretty good. I got some good pictures of my cousin Sam skateboarding (you can click on the one above to see my flickr), and I had fun with the Idaho family. I actually brought food this year and they loved the chicken ramen salad that I made.

I was thinking about the things I am most thankful for, so I will list them here.

My husband. I have to list him first because he is the biggest part of my life. I really have no idea where, or how miserable, I would be wihout him.

My family. I grew up with the best family. I had no idea at the time how unique we are. Families like ours, who adtually LIKE each other, are so hard to find.

My sister. She is the most important person in my life. Adam is my husband but the way I love him is different. Tricia has been there for me since we were babies. She is the only person who completely understands and knows ME. I love her so much in a way only sisters can understand.

My neices and nephews. I get to see Bill, Angela, and Ruby all the time and it’s such a neat thing to be a part of their lives while I watch them grow into the people they will be. My nephew Jayme is the only one who is blood related to me and he is my sisters son so I feel a special bond to him and love him more than I ever thought I could love someone I hardly know. I can’t wait to spend more time with him.

My trip to Arizona!! My sister asked her boyfriend, Jim, to fly me out as a christmas present to her so I am going to Arizona! Jim is such a great guy to do it. I will be gone from December 6th to the 20th, and I am going to have the BEST TIME. I miss home SO MUCH.

My camera, and my photography talent. I doubt myself all the time, and it seems so wrong to call myself talented, like I am arrogant. But, I am so grateful that I have what people call “a photographers eye” and that my FIL bought me such an amazing camera to develop it with.

Those are the main things. I hate typing on this laptop so I will leave it at that. oP


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