>2010, here I come!

>Today is a new day. A day for new beginnings, new motivation, and a brand spanking new year. A day to wipe all of the dirt from my past off of my shoes and start again. There are many things in my life I am not happy with. My marriage could be stronger, my house could be cleaner, the number on the scale could be lower… All things which are within my own control to change. So, now I will change them. A new day, a new year, a new decade (yes, for all of you geeks, I get it… the new decade doesn’t officially start until 2011 =P)… What better time for a new me?

New years resolutions have never been something I kept, or even made, in the past. It seemed pointless because I would think “it’s just another day, like yesterday, what’s the point?”, or I would fail miserably and end up disappointed and think “what’s the point?”, or I would forget about them completely in which case, “what’s the point?”. Making resolutions, and subsequently breaking them, is cliche. I know. Everyone does it, over and over again.

I am not everyone.

This year I feel more resolve to change my life than ever before. I have so much to be thankful for, so much to experience and enjoy, and so many reasons to take care of myself so that I can have many more new years in my future. I have an amazing husband, who despite the numerous hairs that have been pulled out over his behavior, is the best thing for me. He keeps me accountable, and motivated, and responsible. His shortcomings push me to find my own strengths. His strengths push me to examine my shortcomings. Most of all, he loves me. Strengths AND shortcomings alike. I have five furry little monsters that bring me more joy than I thought pets ever could. They make me stop and appreciate the small things in life… the way they tilt their heads to the side when they hear a strange noise, the way they stalk each other and jump out from behind corners just to surprise one another, the way they whine when they can’t quite reach what they want. They remind me that money and possessions shouldn’t matter as much as they do. They are perfectly happy without a new purse, a giant TV, or the newest video game. They are ecstatic just to be loved.

What more motivation do I need besides what I already have. ❤


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