>Day Three… so far so good!

>I am on day 3 of the “diet”. I hate to call it a diet because diet always feels so temporary. I am working towards making this my lifestyle, but saying “Day three of the new lifestyle” sounds weird, too. 

Anyway, day three and still going strong. I am asking the husband to move the exercise bike into the family room so that I can ride it in front of the TV today, and I have my Wii Fit (which he bought me on Jan 1st), plus I can always take walks around the neighborhood since it is SO nice outside in the winter here. Lots of variety to help me from getting burnt out exercising right away.

I have done really well the last two days with my food, and so far today doing well, too. I made a delicious salad that I have a feeling I will be making again and again, I made a really yummy healthy omelet for dinner last night, I have veggie and meatless healthy options in my fridge… I am even getting extra smiley faces on MyFoodDiary for eating so much fiber.

The starting out always feel great though. It’s the keeping it up that’s a problem

P.S. Three days in and I am already struggling to fit in all of my calories. I have three times more calories left to eat today than I have eaten so far, and breakfast and dinner are under my belt. I don’t know if it’s because I am not eating often enough, or I just don’t have quite enough healthy variety in the house to find something to eat, but either way I am shocked. I thought that I would struggle with being hungry and always eating too much. Now here I am, satisfied and not eating enough. Crazy!!


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