>Why does 2010 smell so much like urine?

>I wish I could say that my year has been AMAZING, and here at the beginning of the third month of this glorious year things have never been better, and that leprechauns and unicorns have been pooping little golden turds of rainbows & sunshine & candy all over my world..

Instead, I have a chihuahua who won’t stop peeing all over my house. We had him broken of this horrible teeny dog habit. He was doing so WELL. Just the occassional “I am a tiny little dog with a tiny little bladder and when I get REALLY REALLY excited a little pee pee might squirt out so beware” accident, but the squatting and peeing was done… or so we thought.

In the past week he has lifted his leg and peed on my nephew, squatted between the couches and let ‘er rip, circled the bottom of my chair and sprayed allllllll over, and followed me around the kitchen leaving little puddles every few inches in his wake… He is on a urine free-for-all and there is no end in sight. How does that much liquid fit into that tiny little body??

The worst part is when he is doing it and I come up to him to grab him to try and stop him/throw him outside/whatever, he just looks up at me like the top half of his body has NO IDEA what the bottom half is doing at that very moment. He just gets the cute puppy look like he is expecting some good lovins. Then I have to punish him and make him all cowery and the shame pee starts.

Little leaky bastard is lucky he is so fucking cute.


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