>What the prince does on a weekend night such as this…

>As I sit here and work late on a Sunday night, like any good career minded princess would, my prince sits on the couch in front of me watching what can only be described as the most revealing source of boredom ever. We recently got one of those new fangled video game machines that play movies right there on the picture box, and he found possibly the most nerdy selection out of the hundreds of possibilities afforded to him.

It’s about dreams.

I literally just watched a cat, who was fast asleep, walk around and pounce the air. Talk about a ROCKIN’ weekend. This show, all about REM sleep, dreams, and sleep studies is revealing not because of the information it is giving us, but because of what it says about us. That’s right folks, even when we aren’t sleeping, we are watching shows about sleeping. Apparently we are just that lazy.

Of course I just heard the show move into the section about sex dreams, so there may be hope for it yet. 


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