>This princess needs a hobby.

>Watching Twitter and FB today, I realized something about myself. I need a hobby. Something that I like doing SO MUCH that I stick with it, talk about it, research it, want other people to do it with me, and make special time just for it. Something that I do simply because it is FUN. Anyone who knows me is probably scratching their heads and asking themselves what I am looking for when I have photography. I am wondering the same thing, my friends..

Photography for me isn’t a hobby. It isn’t something I always have fun doing, or even want to share with others. Sometimes I shoot because I am stressed and need an outlet. Sometimes when I edit I get so frustrated because the photo isn’t coming out the way I want it to that I just scrap the image all together. Photography for me is also deeply personal. While I do love talking about it, and I do love showing off some of the images that I am especially proud of, there are even more that I never show anyone because I don’t think they would understand. They are for ME.

What I want is something that is PURE FUN. I see some people are really into fashion, and getting the latest fashion magazine and scouring it for new looks is exciting for them. Putting together new outfits is FUN. I see people who are really into Yoga, and will take all the Yoga classes they can and take all of their friends with them. Yoga for them is FUN. I can think of a million other things that people do purely because it is FUN. Scrapbooking, playing sports, dancing, playing video games… I can not think of a single thing that I do JUST FOR FUN. 

I think it’s time to find out what FUN is for me.


2 thoughts on “>This princess needs a hobby.

  1. >Dear Sindy, (hahaha, see what I did just now? funny no? No? Well crap)Anyway, I empathize completely. I wish you the best of luck and if you find your hobby, let me know, I'm always game to try something new that might be fun.I was thinking about taking up alcoholism 'cause so many people do that for fun, but I just can't stomach the idea of drinking a beer before I brush my teeth in the morning. Ick…Anyway, I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what it is ou come up with. šŸ™‚

  2. >That would be like calling writing a hobby for me. It's just NOT! You know? My hobbies are WoW and knitting. Writing is who I am and what I do when I don't have writer's block. It's not a hobby.(I just woke up. If I say any more than that I'll just babble for a full page saying essentially the same thing. Stopping now.)

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