>Henry the Tough Guy

>Henry has his first vet appointment today, and I gotta say… For being a needy little chihuahua, he did better than ANY pet I have ever taken to the vet. He has had some problems with his eyes over this last month, he has been rubbing them and making the skin around them all raw and sore, so it was good to finally get that looked at. It was also VERY nice to get his monster nails clipped. I swear his nails were longer than mine, and you could hear him coming from across the house when those bad boys started clicking on the tile floor. Every time I came near him with the clippers he would freak out like I was running at him with a butcher knife, but apparently he was so in love with the vet tech that he let her do whatever she wanted to him with no complaints. He wasn’t too stoked about getting his blood drawn for his heart worm test, but overall my little smelly boy was a champ!

So, for the next 21 days we have antibiotics in the form of eye drops and oral liquid twice a day to try and clear up his eyes. That should be… fun. =/ I have already had to force his heartworm pill down his throat today, so by the time I am done squeezing a syringe of goop down there and coming at him with an eye dropped I am sure he will have had quite enough of me.

On a happier note though… I always love taking Henry in public because he gets fawned over by everyone we see. Not only is he just plain cute, but he is so responsive and loving, and from what I have been told over and over again (I have never had a chihuahua before so I don’t know from personal experience) he isn’t like most chihuahuas. He doesn’t bark very often, he doesn’t shake unless he is cold or REALLY freaked out, and he LOVES attention from anyone that will give it to him. Apparently chihuahuas are usually very nervous and withdrawn around new people, but Henry is not like that at all. He is a little love bug.

Oh, and we also found out that he is approximately one year old. When we first got him (about six months or so ago), we got him from a friend of my sisters that found him wandering down the road. No one had any idea how old he was, but they were still SURE that he was well over a year and done growing. He has gained a lb and probably two inches since then, so I had a feeling they were wrong. =P He still has a few baby teeth that are going to need to be removed because they aren’t coming out on his own, and he still has a small soft spot on his head, but the vet said that a year old is a good estimate. So, Adam and I decided that since today was his first check-up, and the first estimate we have gotten on his age from someone who knows what they are talking about, we are calling March 25th his official birthday from this day forward.

So happy birthday Henry! Sorry you had to spend it getting blood drawn, getting drops put in your eyes, getting shots, and getting poked and prodded. I promise next year will be better. =D

So, in honor of Henry’s first vet visit, and his birthday, here is a picture of my little stinky butt love machine proving what a tough guy he is at the vet… Enjoy!


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