>I’m a Real Grown Up.

>It’s amazing how something as simple as buying something for your home can make you feel all grown up.

Adam and I went to Target today… Well, we meant to go to a new Fry’s Marketplace (apparently Adam has some kind of weird grocery store hard on for Fry’s Marketplace) by our house because when Adam drove by it the other day it looked all new, and pretty, and close by. When we actually pulled into the parking lot we noticed something strange. Every single vehicle in the parking lot was a work truck complete with ladder on top and little pieces of dry wall and paint stuck all over it. Yeah, Fry’s was still under construction.

Scratch the Fry’s plan.

So, we went to Target because it is new, and pretty, and close by. It was AH-MAZING. 

We decided to take a stroll through the store before we headed to the grocery section to pick up the three things we left the house for and came across the holy grail of summertime… THE GRILL SECTION. There stood two rows of all different kinds of grills; charcoal, propane, electric, portable, gigantimundo, rustic, sparkly… You name it, they had it. Then we saw it. THE grill. The one that sat there in the middle of the aisle screaming our name.

A charcoal smoker with a little shelf on the side, a separate warming rack, a temperature gauge, removable grill trays and whatever other grill parts make a man giggle with glee like a little girl. We could not resist.

I feel like a real grown up now. I am sitting here inside while my big (read: skinny) strong husband grills up some steaks with Asian Herb Rub and Kobe Tamari & Sesame Glaze, asparagus with fresh squeezed lemon, and baked potatoes over mesquite wood chips. He is MAN. He hunts and gathers (buys from grocery store) big hunks of meat and cooks it over (kind of) an open flame. It smells DIVINE.

Sadly, all of this makes me feel like a real live grown up. More so, like a real live FAMILY.

I love today. =D

Here is the grill all chock full of yummy goodness.

 Tell me this doesn’t look delicious and I will call you a liar. =P


One thought on “>I’m a Real Grown Up.

  1. >Isn't it funny, the way we can make plans – then the plans change – and things turn out even better than we ever could have imagined!Every home needs a grill. I'm glad you found THE ONE. That's awesome 🙂

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