>Holy Earthquake Batman!

>Or should I say, Holy Earthquake Jesus?

Easter Day… my first earthquake ever! Okay that’s a lie… First earthquake I have ever actually FELT. I have slept through one, and I have been on the freeway in a moving car during one, but this one I definitely felt. Enough to watch my things move around by themselves, and to get dizzy and have a headache for a good hour and a half after it stopped.


Not so amazing for places that actually got some damage though. Multiple earthquakes today meant multiple chances for death and destruction. First one was in Baja, and registered a 7.2. Next one was in Fresno area, registered a 4.1. Then another aftershock north of Baja (I believe) that was a 5.1. Of course, many smaller aftershocks as well. Insane. It was just an eathquakey kind of day. Strike that… Earthquakey kind of YEAR.

On a brighter note, I have a few awesome although mundane pictures to share! First one is of two of my super cuddly fuzzy butt felines, breaking in the new blanket I got yesterday. Koko, the fatty in the background, was hairing it up with her super fine, super hard to get out of everything, grey mass of furriness. Lola, in the foreground, was digging her nails right in and kneading the crap out of that blanket like an olympic kneader going for the gold.


Even more mundane, but the highlight of my day pre-earth shaking phenomenon, was LUNCH. I know, no one cares about my lunch, but it was scrumdiddlyumptious… Worthy of a photo. So since I took it, you get to see it.


Alright, I will stop with the caps lock bonanza and head to bed. =P


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