A Very Silly Person

“The beauty of the morning and the radiance of noon are good, but it would be a very silly person who drew the curtains and turned on the light in order to shut out the tranquillity of the evening” ~William Somerset Maugham
Now, I have curtains to draw so I can be a silly person, too. =D
I am entirely too excited about the curtains that I ordered. Ridiculously over the top excited. I can’t help it though. They are amazing!
What you have to understand is that the window we are covering with these curtains is 8 foot tall sliding glass doors, and not just normal doors, but super wide doors. When we moved into this house there were perfectly beautiful and well fitting vertical blinds covering this door. Then after two years of the direct sunlight of the harsh Arizona sun beating directly on those blinds, they started to crack, and fall down, and change color. Not only is this door ridiculously huge, it is west facing so living in Arizona means that most of the year scorching sunlight beats directly on to it.
Another unfortunate fact about the layout of this house (that I absolutely ADORE besides these few things) is that the family room is in the back of the house… Right through that gigantamundo door. The only wall in the family room with not only the space for our TV, but all of the sockets needed to connect our cable, TV, and multiple nerdtastic entertainment options is directly opposite of that gigantic door… That direct sunlight pouring into our home was not only making it very hot, but it was casting such a wicked glare on the TV that we couldn’t actually SEE anything unless all of the blinds were closed. Blinds that I feel I should remind you were all breaking off one by one leaving big gaps in the barrier between sunlight and family room.
As you can see, curtain were our only viable options because putting up new blinds would have just resulted in the same fate as the original ones. Finding curtains for this monster was incredibly hard. I thought I was going to have to either pay hundreds of dollars to get custom curtains made or make them myself which would have inevitably turned into some kind of sewing disaster. I wasn’t prepared to pay for expensive curtains for a house I was renting, or end up nothing but an ER bill for a freak sewing injury and curtains that looked like something I would have made in 7th grade home economics.
Then my most awesome friend Becca gave me the link to the website that saved my life. Or, at least my sanity. =P
I found amazing curtains for a completely unbelievable price. Before I show them to you, I must show you the ghetto fabulous rig we had going before we hung the new curtains. This is the only way we could find to block the sun that was shining directly on the TV using things we already had around the house. Warning… It is ridiculous.
As you can see, there are missing blinds and we had to hang a big fuzzy blanket from one side because it is the only one we could find that was long enough to cover most of the sun shining directly on the TV without being so heavy that it wouldn’t stay up.
Now, to show you my amazing new curtains.



They are amazing. Beautiful. And… they block SO MUCH MORE LIGHT.


I am in LOVE.


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