With Summer Comes Weeds

It’s only May 14, but in Arizona that means summer. The temps are already in the 90s, and the weeds are EVERYWHERE. My backyard looks like weedapalooza. This year is a little different than the last two years though. It is obvious that there is at least one overgrown dandelion infested yard in the neighborhood somewhere because for the first time since we moved in we have an abundance of dandelions. That has never been a problem before. With all of the home foreclosures over this last year I am not surprised that the dandelion seeds are flying around the neighborhood, and into my back yard.



So this year, instead of letting them grow wild until we summon the motivation to take care of them, we have to nip it in the bud now. As annoyed as I get when other people’s let their weeds get crazy and my yard ends up with the love children of their weed explosion, I can’t do that to anyone else. So, off to the garden store we go tomorrow to get lots of chemicals and some weed picking tools. Not the way I wanted to spend my weekend.


On to a better subject though…


Back on May 1st Adam and I attended our first protest together! SB 1070, Arizona’s newest immigration law, has both of us all in a tizzy so when we heard there was going to be a series of rallies downtown we decided that we had to go to at least one. The only one happening when we both had a day off was on May 1st (we were a bit sad we couldn’t go tot he Cinco de Mayo one, but what can ya do?) so that afternoon we got all lathered with sunscreen, packed up our water, and headed to the state capital.



It was AWESOME. There was 10,000 people there, some of them with clever signs, some of them chanting, all of them marching and standing together to show the lawmakers of this state that they can’t just institute the removal of our constitutional rights without a fight. I was a little sad that I didn’t see more white people, and Adam and I got a lot of stares and even more smiles being so pale in the sea of brown, but we were proud to be there and stand up and say that rights aren’t just for the people with the acceptable skin tone.


Anyway, here are a few pics of some of my favorite signs we saw there.




My absolute favorite sign of the day had to be this one though. It resonated with me more strongly than any other one, most likely because I am married to a US Army veteran and lived the military lifestyle when we got married.
What would an immigration protest in Arizona be without a little Arpaio bashing? I found these two guys especially entertaining. =D
That was a great day.



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