Here I am deep in nerd central, hanging with the king and prince of all the land. It is uncomfortably hot today. This summer is kicking my ass like no other and it’s only mid-June. That’s right. I am old.


I have been feeling especially restless lately. I need something, I just haven’t quite figured out what yet. Things in my life are both changing quickly and staying the same which is proving to be quite unsettling.


One exciting thing on the horizon is that Adam is looking into going back to school and finishing up his bachelors degree. The timing couldn’t be better on paper… He has a stable reliable job where he works from home, I am also bringing in money, and he can finish up school online. It makes sense to finish up now. Once that is done I know it will do wonders for him.


In the meantime I better put my super supportive wife hat back on and prepare to never see him even though he will be home all the time. The ends definitely justify the means.


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