I fail at blogging… and other pregnancy adventures.

I am horrible at this blogging thing, and I have no idea why. I am online every day for my job. I always manage to at least check in on FB and see what is going on with my family and friends. I have actually been a lot better at updating my own FB page lately, but for some reason the blog remains untouched. I really need to get better. I know that I will cherish these blog entries later, I love the entries I have saved from my old blog, I just need to get in the habit again!


Anyway, I am going to try and get better. I am hoping at least once a week.


Right now, the biggest news in my life is that I can feel my growing baby inside of my belly. Not just flutters and swishing movements, but actual kicks. It is completely surreal and absolutely amazing. I have only been feeling these stronger kicks for less than a week, but I have felt some every day since I felt the first ones. This morning when I was awake but not up out of bed yet I could feel the bean moving around really low, so I started poking up a little higher and s/he moved up to poke back. Whenever I would poke, s/he would poke back. I cried it was so awesome. Adam has felt a few kicks from the outside, too, but they are very weak. I can’t wait until he can feel stronger movement, too!


Another thing I have started doing it taking belly pics. This is actually a BIG deal for me. I am overweight, have been struggling with my weight for a long time (ever since my parents died), so I really had no idea if I would even look pregnant. I have seen many pregnant women in my life who were overweight and didn’t really show at all. They just looked bigger. I was scared to death that would be me. After waiting so long for this I didn’t want to miss out on ANYTHING, including having the pregnant belly and looking pregnant to everyone else. Once the belly started to shift I got hopeful, and when it finally rounded out I cracked open the camera case and started taking pics. I’ll share a few (I have a feeling now that I will get HUGE before this is all over)…


Just for reference, this is me at 13 weeks, when I first found out I was pregnant. As you can see, I have some chub, but my boobs are still sticking out further than my belly and I just look like an overweight girl.

13 weeks


Here I am at 19w 3d. This is when the belly kind of popped out and for the first time my belly stuck out further than my boobs did.



This is 21w 2d. This is when the belly started to move up because the baby was getting so big in the bottom that all of my guts moved up. LOL!



And here I am at 22w 5d… about a week ago. I think I actually look pregnant here! My belly is very round and the waistline is almost completely gone. It has gotten even bigger since then, too!



So that is the pregnancy update. I will have a lot more to say, and to share, later this week. So far we have had two appointments at the OB where the doctor tried to determine gender for us (17w and 21w) and both times were a spectacular failure. My next appointment with my OB is at 26 weeks (October 20th), but I am extremely impatient. I want to know what this baby is right now! Adam and I have been thinking the bean is a girl all along, but until I see that ultrasound image with proof I can’t resign myself to that. I know a lot of women are SO SURE and there is no doubt in their minds, but so much about this pregnancy has been so unreal to me that I can’t get there. I also can’t wait until October 20th to try again. So, this Wednesday, October 6th, I have an appointment to get a 4D ultrasound. My father-in-law was kind enough to offer to pay for one so that we can find out what we are having! I think he is a bit excited, too. =P


Until then!


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