Nikaia’s Birth Story!

We arrived at the hospital at 6am on Tuesday (January 18th) and I checked into the L&D triage area where they started monitoring and getting my IV in. I was the only scheduled c-section that morning so things were pretty kick back. Nurses wandered in and out, we chit chatted with them (and discovered that one of them loved Doctor Who which was very amusing for Adam), I got a last minute ultrasound to check Kaia’s position (still very head up) and after a few hours of getting all connected to wires and tubes my doctor came in drinking a carton of chocolate milk. After 12 hours of fasting I was very jealous of that chocolate milk. lol. He went over the procedure and the risks again, and I was wheeled off to surgery.


In the operating room they got me all ready for my spinal block. I told the anesthesiologist that I have mild scoliosis so he felt around my back for a good 5 minutes, figured out where everything was positioned, and informed the whole room that he was a rock star and would get my spinal in without a problem because he was that good. He was definitely that good! =D Once I was finally laid back on the table and my bottom half was properly exposed and saran wrapped and hoisted and whatever else they were doing to it, Adam was allowed in. He took a seat by my head, got the camera ready and the surgery started.


There was a mirror above my head, and I could see what they were doing reflected on the glass from the lights, so I watched the whole thing. SO SURREAL to see them cutting into me and prying me open. Not only was Nikaia a breech baby in utero, she was delivered breech by c-section, too! I laid there and watched as they delivered one leg, then the other leg, then one arm… then they had to twist her around a little to get her other arm down and away from her face because it was wedged up near her head. Finally when they got her whole body except her head out they had to take a minute to unwrap her from the cord. It was around her neck twice, wrapped around her abdomen, and around one of her legs. She was really hanging on for dear life in there!


Once they got her whole body out and unwrapped from the cord it was time to deliver her head. That presented a little bit of a problem since the poor girl inherited my huge noggin. They had to maneuver a little to finally get the head to come out (the way Adam tells it they pulled out a giant silver crow bar the size of his arm) and almost had to increase the size of my incision, but she was finally born at 8:32am! Random fact: The song Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars was playing on the radio when she was born. ❤ I found that completely appropriate and it made me cry. =P


Since she is a c-section baby she still had some mucus and fluid in her lungs that normally gets squeezed out in the birth canal during vaginal birth, so she lost a few points on her APGAR for delayed cry, but when she did start crying woah… My FIL heard her from down the hall and around the corner (through a closed swinging door). She has a set of lungs on her that’s for sure! She weighed in at 8 lbs 0.9 oz, and was 19.7 in long. Her head circumference was 14.2!! Big head just like her mommy!


She struggled a little the first day, and ended up spending the night in the nursery because of the mucus build-up, but coughed it all up like a champ and was back with me the next afternoon. She couldn’t be more perfect, or more beautiful. We are very, very blessed to have her! She has been such a dream, especially because she also inherited a love of sleep from me! I really hope that sticks around!


I am recovering really well. My incision is freakin’ gorgeous and I think my doctor should have been a plastic surgeon (although I am glad he is an OB =P), most of the bleeding stopped within a few days and it is very light off and on now, my milk came in three days after she was born, and I was up walking as soon as they would let me and haven’t had to take anything other than motrin!  I never really knew I had a high pain tolerance since I haven’t ever been in any kind of serious pain, but apparently I do! My nurses in the hospital thought I was some kind of super woman. =D


So that’s our story!! Thanks for reading!!


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