I refuse to apologize…

I refuse to apologize for being happy about the death of Usama bin Laden. I didn’t cheer out loud. I didn’t throw a party.I didn’t dance in the street. I DID smile and say “Finally.” I am relieved that he is gone, and no one can convince me there is anything wrong with that. I do consider it a victory for the US and I refuse to be made to feel immoral, morbid, inappropriate, or disrespectful for holding that belief.

I refuse to apologize for giving President Obama due credit for his role in the demise of Usama bin Laden. I never stated that he fired the killing shot. I never made any indication that I believe he was solely responsible. I do not revere him as a god, a super hero, or worthy of worship. My recognition of his part in the death of Usama bin Laden does not imply in any way that I believe any of those things. I DID say that I am thankful that he made the right choices to pursue the intelligence we had, that he deserves credit for going ahead with the mission to get bin Laden, and that he deserves to be praised for HIS part in it all. The ultimate decision came down to him, and you bet your ass the ultimate responsibility if it had failed would have been on his head (and rightfully so). I think that at least earns him some respect and a little gratitude since it succeeded.

I am not less moral, or intelligent, or compassionate than you because I am not mourning the death of Usama bin Laden. I am not less realistic, or grounded, or educated than you because I maintain hope that this turn of events will benefit the United States in the long run. My idealism is not a sign of weakness. My optimism is not a sign of naivety.

Mostly, I do not care more about party than country. Just because I give Obama his due recognition does not mean that I consider this some kind of win for the Democrats in some childish partisan contest that so many people keep playing. No one cared what political party the people who died in the September 11th attacks were. No one wanted to hold Usama bin Laden responsible for ONLY the Republican deaths or ONLY the Democrat deaths. Why do we insist on dividing this country further?

This President is EVERY American’s president.  This country is EVERY American’s country. This victory is EVERY American’s victory. I thought if anything could cause partisanship to be put aside for even a SECOND it would be this. It saddens me that I was wrong.


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