I want to sew…

I really, really want to sew. Really bad. I want to make a million things, but every time I sit down in front of my sewing machine I get overwhelmed. If it isn’t already set up to just push the peddle and sew, I have NO IDEA what I am doing. I couldn’t change a spool of thread on that thing if I tried my hardest. Reading manuals is completely pointless because none of it makes a lick of sense unless I SEE someone doing it. Not to mention, I kinda suck at sewing straight although I know that with practice I SHOULD get better at that.


Usually when I feel this way about stuff I end up giving up on it after a while and getting interested in something else. It has happened with all other things crafty before… making wood letters, painting, knitting, scrapbooking… but sewing I have never stopped wanting to do. The more I see of things I want to buy, the more I just want to make it myself. Blankets, dresses, bags, skirties, diapers… you name it, I want to create it.


It’s times like this I really wish my Grams was still around to teach me. =(


One thought on “I want to sew…

  1. I will teach you on my machine when you come out. Or, if you don’t ever make it, I’ll show you how to change the needle, thread and bobbin, and settings on yours (if you remind me that is) when I make it back there.
    Loves you!!!

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