About Me

I am Trina. =) I have been married to the greatest nerd to ever live, Adam, since 2002 and we spent the first few years of marriage living according to the whims of the US Army. After state hopping for a few years we are now living back in our natural habitat, the great state of Arizona, enjoying real Mexican food and extreme summers. After eight years of laying the groundwork, we finally introduced our very first minion to the world, Nikaia, in January of 2011. She is slotted to be the next Supreme Benevolent Overlord of the Galaxy with our three kitties as her loyal followers. In January of 2012, we added another minion to the family, Kalista, who didn’t waste any time claiming her place right by Nikaia’s side as a Galactic superpower. 
I am rarely seen without a camera attached to my face and I make people quiver in fear of being photographed wearing an embarrassing expression or stuffing food in their faces. I love unicorns, cupcakes, and documentaries, not necessarily in that order. I can talk anyone’s ear off about cloth diapering. I have spent a lot of time learning all I can about TTC, pregnancy, and birth. I try really hard to be crafty, and although I usually fail miserably I have tons of fun trying. I have also mastered the art of making up my own lyrics to songs I can’t understand. I guess you can call me a Jill of all Trades.

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